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Why College Nordique Francophone as a career choice?

A unique work environment at the CNF

The CNF stands out for its exceptional contribution to the job market and to the personal and professional development of learners. The CNF's reputation is built on the accessibility of its professional, language and continuing education programs, its unique northern character, and its language school. But what really makes the CNF exceptional is its friendly working environment and advantageous working conditions.

Living in Yellowknife: an unforgettable experience

Working in Yellowknife offers the opportunity to live in a city where linguistic and cultural diversity is omnipresent, with 11 official languages recognized. This territorial capital perfectly combines outdoor life, adventure and culture in an ideal living environment.

Almost all Yellowknife residents live within a ten-minute walk of their place of work, providing close proximity to nature and some of Canada's most breathtaking scenery. This proximity fosters an active, outdoor lifestyle, ideal for adventure-seekers and families.

Resources available for your integration

Welcome and integration services for newcomers

Arriving in a new city can be both exciting and intimidating. However, in Yellowknife, newcomers to Collège Nordique (CNF) and the francophone community in general benefit from exceptional support to facilitate their integration. Services such as the welcome day for newcomers, CDÉTNO (Conseil de développement économique des Territoires du Nord-Ouest), the Fédération franco-ténoise and a multitude of activities offered by the welcoming francophone community (CFA) are all valuable resources for adapting and thriving in this new environment.

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